Mea Culpa

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We got a cold that knocked us out for a few days. Our blood O2 levels have been pretty low. I got a “ear full” (head full?) from Saoirse about not getting us medical care when our oximeter kept alarming at 85%, which for those who don’t know, is low. (Healthy people are in the 95% – 100% range.) I agreed that I should have, and said that if we went back down into the mid 80s, I’d go to the walk in clinic, or the ER. I even printed out a sheet with all our meds to give to the doctors. And you know what? Our oxygen is up to 92% right now, which for us, is pretty darn good.

Forgive me for not wanting to go to the ER at a new hospital that has none of our records. That goes for Saoirse, and for our Mom, who will probably freak out now that there is nothing to be done. Sigh. Mea Culpa.

Hopefully the Lincare people will be back from the holidays today, and will answer when I call them. I want to find out where we are with the whole night-time oxygen thing. I only have to wait about 5 hours for them to open. Time to watch more disappointing sci-fi on Prime Video? Or pay up the $15 to HBO Max to see the latest Matrix film? Perhaps.

What scifi series, animated or live action, have you seen recently that rocked your world? Leave a comment if you have one.

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