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I’m going to be starting on night-time oxygen Soon(tm) – the order from the doctor has gone out. My CPAP isn’t enough and my O2 levels fall really low when I sleep. In the waking hours I can puff and pant to add oxygen, but I guess not when I’m asleep.

in other words, my COPD is progressively getting worse. My recent 6 minute walk tests both were worse that my test 10 months ago, but I’m not to the point of needing oxygen 24/7 yet. But, if I have another flareup like I did around Thanksgiving, daytime O2 may not be far off. BLEH.

I’m entirely too young for this stuff. The body is only in its 40s!!

In other health news, this afternoon was COVID booster shot day. Considering how sick I got after Moderna #2, I’m not looking forward to this weekend. Still, I’m glad I got the booster. COVID could really mess me up since I’m already having breathing issues, especially at night.

As a system, we’ve been all over the place today. Both Janet & I were out a lot during the day, so work suffered. I took care of the booster shot. Saoirse then took over to talk to the cell phone people about my mom’s phone mess. Long story. BUT, the point is that I know where most of today went. I don’t remember every minute, and I wasn’t 100% present for it all, but there is no hugely large gap-osa in my day. That’s actually impressive – a year ago and Saoirse’s time out would have meant I was totally offline. Not so anymore. We’re more and more co-conscious. Not always, and so far its never been everyone at once, but at least the main players are getting more time in seat next to each other. This makes life SOOOOO much easier.

We often used to have to wait days or weeks to get a response from someone else (email, journal, word doc…) it’s been happening much faster. Some of these journal entries still take hours, especially if we’re writing to each other, but hours is not weeks. So, breathing worse, intra-system communication, mucho bettero. We’d like to wish a big thank you to Therapy Guru, each other, and the academy. Now if someone with too many vowels in their name would just stop pulling out our hair….

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