Little Less Stressed (But Still Up at 3 a.m.)

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In the last few weeks, a few people have been let go at Day Job, including my old manager and his manager. I’m sad to see Old Boss go, especially since he knew most of our struggles and that we were a system. He’d been fantastic and supportive throughout, and while I was unhappy with some aspects of Day Job, none were his fault.

I can already tell I won’t have the same ‘close’ type of relationship with my new manager. I don’t know if that’s all that bad – we overshared with our old manager – but it does make things more uncomfortable.

We’re moving into a new role at work that I hope will be able to use more of our skills across T-E-C. I’ll still be the primary worker-bee, of course, but the presentation of our data can be something people like Sharon can make pretty and understandable to non-hardcore geeks. It’s handy sometimes to have multiple points of view when designing things. <laugh>

New Boss has been swift to fire & hire, and that makes me nervous as hell. I’m re-evaluating some of our monthly expenses. The days of getting delivery for every meal are done. Advertising the site on Google is too. (Google is freakin’ expensive to advertise on.) I may post more about that in Site News.

We’ll probably be swamped through the end of this month, but hopefully, things will calm down a little, and we can return to writing more here. Janet still wants to run Dissociative D&D games at some point, too.

So, I haven’t been fired, I haven’t quit, and I can still fully fund our pet projects like this site and the wiki. And there was much rejoicing.

Now if I could just sleep… Give me an I! Give me an N! Give me an “somnia”!

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10 months ago

It sounds like quite a whirlwind time for you.
I hope the new position at work suits you well, though you’ll still be a busy-bee.
With some time, perhaps the rapport with the new manager will find a cozy place.
Good call on the cancelling advertisements on Google — keep prioritizing yourselves. 🙂
Take care!!

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