First blog and five weeks in Fall Semester of Freshman Year

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

First blog and I don’t know where to start. Yay! /sar.

Maybe now is not the time for writing, bit in a dissociative state and have thirty minutes until our Theatre Class (Fundamentals of the Performer). But, figure to give this a try.

Darn head hurts. Haven’t wrote creatively in a long while.

For about a couple of weeks we have been living in what has been called a “dingle” (a double-single) our former roommate moved-out for some unknown reason and we got to experience living by ourselves in college, which has been nice. Even built a fort on the other side of our room.

Though, do due to pluming problems with a different residence building, students are being moved out of that building into other ones., Because we have a vacancy as mentioned of the Housing Self-Service, someone has been assigned to fill that vacancy. So, on September 23rd, we might get a new roommate. 

Definite conflicting feelings.

But we built a fort.

We finally get to live with someone who might actually want to hang-out with us.

Maybe they will have a television because we don’t have one, but we have an x-box. Oh, and maybe they have a vacuum because we have not vacuumed our rugs in five weeks, because we couldn’t find one at the drug store, and worry about spending money on things.

And one in particular that we are unsure about:

Will we have to mask as a singlet for them?

Will we ever get the chance to be unmasked in the dorm room?

Because we had a roommate when we first moved in, but even when the roommate was still considered to be “living” here, the roommate was not around a lot. (Even before moving out slept in friends’ rooms for a couple of days).

This new roommate might be different, for better or worse. Who knows. 

Also want to add that even though we don’t have a vacuum we have a swifter with a dry and wet cloths, so don’t be thinking these floors are filthy. Just the rugs /sar.

Good thing is we know two other systems on campus (the second one we recently found out was a system, even though we knew the person from one of our classes). Though, we are not really close with either system, unfortunately. We keep trying or have a desire to be closer, though.

Think I might just publish without editing, to feel a sense of accomplishment in doing this. Also, because, we have an alarm for the Theatre class going off soon. And, I am not certain that I will pick this up at a different time. 

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7 months ago

Good for you for writing your first blog! If you want these to show up on the front page, click the “Member Blogs” checkbox when you post. Or message me – I can switch it out.

I hope your next roommate works out. Until then, enjoy the fort. 🙂

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