The Journey Continues

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It has been a lifetime of living with trauma and a year of meeting the system that helped me survive.

I thought that therapy would be enough to help me navigate this seemingly rudderless existence. But I have come to realize that it is not. I need the comfort and support of those who just get it. No need to give a back story or clarify the ins and outs of my experience so far. Just knowing that others hear and understand calms my incredibly frayed nerves.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was feeling the very real anxiety that took hold again since I had to stop taking my anxiety medication. Side effects forced my doctor and I to decide it was better to tapper off and have to deal with the anxiety. 

O.M.G., it is so freaking hard. I remember all too well the feeling of clutching the stove, gripping for dear life as wave after wave of anxiety flooded my body. I really don’t want to do that again. But here we are. 

I have no choice but to figure out ways to cope and stop the anxiety bully from derailing my healing process. 

Yesterday, I decided that perhaps I do need to find a support group/community that can help me in the time between therapy sessions. 

  • Help me by knowing others understand. 
  • Help me by providing a sense of accountability. 
  • Help me by letting me help others.

The next thing I knew, I stumbled across Dissociative Cafe. Me and my system are grateful and hope that this site can be an added tool for me to use as the journey continues.

I am excited to connect with others in this space and am happy to say that at this exact moment, anxiety does not have a grip on me.

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6 months ago

I’m so glad anxiety doesn’t have a hold on you right this instant. Medication changes are soooo hard sometimes! It sucks that you’re having to go through that. We’ll probably get our meds changed on Tuesday, so yeah, same boat. But hey, as long as we’re on a boat, we may as well enjoy the view. If you haven’t already, drop by our Discord channel and say hi. 🙂 Just click Chat: Discord on the menu to the left, and signup if you’ve never used Discord before.

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