At Least He Seems to Be Figuring it Out This Time

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Me: “Lothair, when anybody tries to ‘save’ people, they just get in their way. YOU’RE the one that keeps complaining about how stupid it is to appoint Grand Inquisitors; I know you know this. Just…focus on saving yourself and expressing your truest self. People will be inspired by that and save themselves, and everything will fall into place like a domino effect.”


Thank you for attending my PSA.


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3 months ago

*rolls eyes* I swear…it’s almost like he WANTS to remain a giant stink brain <3

Apparently Fuuko also wants to make some sort of objection about how the video mistreats (even in jest) the starfish ^^ sheesh…I swear she does this each and every time she is in our aware-o-sphere when this video comes on and/or is referenced

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