Past and Memories

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He said one day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember

But all my memories are traumatic and I won’t want to look back at my life when I leave.

Clouds and rain, the darkness has arrived

Light just out of reach, unable to be seen again

Don’t know if I can’t make it till the very end

Losing a lot of opportunities and friends along the way

I keep saying that the past is in the past, but am I right?

You seem to have moved on from your mistakes, yet I am still here suffering.

The pain I felt, emotions running high

Now I am here emotionless and broken, unwilling to move on.

You look to the future, I look to the past.

I know I should not, but it still appears right before my eyes

Don’t tell me what is good for me, when your the one who caused this.

Love and support gone, as though it has never been.

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26 days ago

This is really honest-feeling and beautiful (in a sad/depressing way)

Reply to  Dragons
25 days ago

Man, this makes me want to dig out some of the lyrics we used to write and get back into that!!!

Reply to  Dragons
25 days ago

Really?? That’s awesome!! We used to post songs on Quizilla and Quotev, so it’s always exciting to see others who do the same sort of thing!

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