Source Memories by Nico

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Having memories from my source is hard when I don’t feel like I was my source. Yeah I am Nico Di Angelo, but I am not the son of Hades, or a commander of the dead. I haven’t been through all the ups and downs that my source has been through, yet the memories are still there.

The main memory I am dealing with right now is in the book House of Hades where my source and Jason Grace are dealing with Eris/Cupid (Greek/Roman god of love). I didn’t want to remember that part in my source, knowing “I” was forced to say my deepest secrets to survive… it feels so wrong. I know it helped my source heal.. but why did he have to force me to talk about it?

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25 days ago

Oof. The relatability to this is intense.

Reply to  Dragons
25 days ago

I know our Tamaki definitely relates to that feeling!

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