T-E-C Offsite Conference 2024

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So, a 48-hour vacation and a hotel stay 40ish miles from home – Welcome to the 2024 T-E-C Offsite! We take a journal, a laptop, and a change of clothes and do nothing but write to each other for a couple of days to work shit out away from all the distractions of home. We haven’t had one of these in four years, when we did an intensive two-week stay during prime COVID time. That’s when I officially stepped back as host, or co-host would be more accurate, and it more or less became the Saoirse show. Back then, we decided to get back into therapy, get rid of our roommate, move to a new town, and I more or less went on walkabout.

So, we’re working shit out again. Saoirse is good at surviving, maybe not so much at living? We’re kind of having a little T-E-C revolt of a sort. I don’t know that we’ll get through everything in 48 hours – I suspect not, depending on how much we switch around and write to each other. So far, we’ve decided:

  1. We love our therapist but are seriously considering replacing our psychiatrist. We’ve been with PsychDoc for teen-something years, so this isn’t a light decision. But, the pebble has perhaps been snatched from the hand, and it looks like it’s time for us to leave…. if we can find someone better. That search has begun.
  2. We’re moving again, location TBD. Not immediately – it will be at least six months, likely 18. The town we live in now is nice because our mom and stepdad are there… but that’s the only thing going for it. It’s too small. There is nothing to freaking do. We stay home 24/7/365 and have no life outside of work and the cafe. That’s not healthy.
  3. I’m going to start taking a more active part in things again. Woot! I’m back, baby.

…More to come…

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15 days ago

That sort of conference-type of method sounds like something we might have to utelize at some point, honestly. I wish you all the best of luck in figuring out everything y’all need to!!!

15 days ago

Dedicating that long of a block of time just to communicate with alters sounds amazing. Our days are getting longer as we are dissociating less, but we still wish we had more time to work out internal stuff.

11 days ago

That sounds so relaxing. We hope y’all enjoy your time and get done all the things! We feel the small town comment. The biggest thing to do around here is the Annual Halloween Spooky ghost tour downtown… Which we’ve been to twice and already know all the stories lol.

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